Exploiting fiber optic cable to instrument oceans

Outer-rise seismicity

Outer-rise earthquakes occur in the oceanic plate just before it enters the subduction zone. We investigate this particular type of seismicity to understand its link to the subduction.

E-POST stands for Early-POSTseismic. The project aims at better understanding the transition between the coseismic (the rupture) and the processes immediately following (like afterslip). This is an ANR funded project led by M.Vergnolle.

Inferring the details of slip history on fault.


Current Grads & Postdocs


Hector Alejandro Perez Alemany

PhD candidate

Earthquake source, Wave simulation

Former Grads & Postdocs


Quentin Bletery

Now IRD researcher - Géoazur, FR

Earthquake source, Seismic cycle, Bayesian inference


Théa Ragon

Now Post-doctoral fellow - Caltech, USA

Earthquake source, Seismic cycle, Uncertainties evaluation

Recent Publications

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